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Client: N11
Year: 2019
Location: Uniq, Istanbul
Type: Workspace
Status: Completed
Area: 1500 sqm
Electrical Engineer: Markas
Mechanical Engineer: DBA
Photography: Ömer Uzun

The new home of N11.com is a coexistence of art and architecture in a 1650 m² office space for a digital marketing company. Co-founders of Toros & Partners, Derya Toros and Çetin Dalva aims to bring a new understanding to office design by prioritizing comfort and psychology of the office workers.

Considering approximately 10 years of human life is spent at offices, functionality and sustainability of the workspaces are the main focuses of N11.com office space. Workstations are divided by floor to ceiling dividers with a centered white board that enables quick sketches of ideas. A prize cabinet is strategically placed at the entrance for rewarding the employees performance and boost morale. Large area is designed in a flexible manner which can transform into an indoor event space.

For a cheerful atmosphere, company color red is used as the main color supported by few accompanying colors at the shared spaces. With swinging chairs hanging from the ceiling, small areas suited for chatting, colorful and multiple kitchenettes, and playful seating areas; N11 office design is setting an informal tone as well as creating moments to rest and relax. More playful approach is created on the corridors with the help of a continuous red band circulating the floors of the office space.

In an attempt to reduce the technological stress and create an upbeat mood, different art works are painted in each meeting room including Salvador Dali, Van Gogh, Matisse, Joan Miro, Picasso, Malevich, Leonardo da Vinci as well as Andy Warhol. The rooms are created in collaboration with Istanbul based artists and Toros & Partners team. This way, not only N11.com workers, but also the team of Toros & Partners got a chance to meet with art in the process of installation. Here, art can influence the meetings, together with resonating daily endeavours of the office people. Smaller meeting rooms accompanying the large ones suggests dynamic and adaptable meeting opportunities.

Toros & Partners invites clients to the balance of technology, art, and comfort at the N11.com offices.
As a final note, it was a pleasure to work with artists like Florans Atlantis, Leo Lunatic, Tina Saveleva, Cansu Ece Arslan, Funda Yılmaz and Wall’n Craft who collaborated with us to paint the meeting rooms.